• 100% Australian Mullet
  • Artisan product
  • Dried, pressed and salted Mullet Roe
  • Traditional Sardinian delicacy
  • Premium Quality
  • Unique intense flavour



Above Image Credit: Author – Chef Luca Ciano, New Holland Publisher

Bottarga – Dried, Pressed & Salted Mullet Roe Cured & Aged

Sourced from our local waters, this product is best known in Sardinia as a delicacy to be grated over a seafood pasta or on pizza.  It can also be served thinly sliced drizzled in olive oil or lemon juice as an appetizer and balanced with an Australian fruity Ale.

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Bottarga Fillet

Approx 100g

Bottarga Grated

50g Jar

Bottarga Grated