• Australian Owned

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

  • No MSG

  • No Preservatives

  • No Colourants

Taking meals from great to fantastic!

Pre-filled grinders for the home chef.

Hospitality Food Service Grinders
Commercial, professional grade grinders for restaurants, coffee shops and diners. All allow for custom branding.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?
Do your glass grinders shatter when dropped?
Are your grinder heads chipped and unsightly?
Is there a retail grocery store’s branding on your grinder?
Are your wooden grinder mechanisms inadequate?
Do your wooden grinders hold sufficient spice?
Is the spice visible from the outside of the grinder?

Triple Adjustable Grind Function
The 53mm Chef’s Choice range with the adjustable dial is new to the Australian market. Due to its attractive modern design, coupled to its triple adjustable grind function, it is already proving to be a favorite in many households.
Innovative dial adjustable grinder mechanism for ease of use with a 3 setting selector, giving coarse, medium and fine grinding options. Attractive with a clear lid, displaying the gear adjustment lever.

Our Products

Rainbow Peppercorns (53mm)
(Triple Adjustable Grind Function & Refillable)


Whole Black Peppercorns (53mm)
(Triple Adjustable Grind Function & Refillable)


Spicy Garlic (53mm)
(Triple Adjustable Grind Function & Refillable)


Himalayan Rock Salt (53mm)
(Triple Adjustable Grind Function & Refillable)


Natural Sea Salt (53mm)
(Triple Adjustable Grind Function & Refillable)


I Love Greece Trio (38mm)

Chicken Souvlaki Seasoning 55g
Garlic & Herb 60g
Yios Seasoning 59g

I Love Italy Trio (38mm)

Italian Herbs 47g
Bolognese Seasoning 47g
Garlic & Herb 60g

I Love Mexico Trio (38mm)

Chilli Con Carne 46g
Taco Seasoning 45g
Chilli & Garlic 45g

I Love BBQ Trio (38mm)

Chicken Barbecue 50g
Barbecue 48g
Spicy Barbecue 48g

Mini Grinder Salt and Pepper Set (25mm)