• Imported from Italy
  • Traditional family recipe
  • Beautifully presented packaging
  • Time honored methods



Did you know?...

Andrea went to Barcelona where he met with chefs from the world-famous restaurant El Bulli, who use his vinegar.


The story of the Acetaia San Giacomo

On the street named “San Giacomo Maggiore” in the small town of Cognento of Campagnola, was the address of where it was born thanks to the passion of my mother and my father, Carla and Carlo. With the production of a small farm, between the Lambrusco wine and other fruits and vegetables, it kept family and friends happy.

In the top floor of that house there were the first balsamic vinegar barrels already initiated by the grandparents, as it was traditional in this area to have a small production, just for the family consumption.

During those times there wasn’t a unique “sure” method to make the Balsmaic Vinegar, each family had its own methods, traditions and techniques, sometimes even personal recepies.

A product that was so fascinating that the barrels kept growing in number and in the San Giacomo Maggiore street you could smell the perfume of cooked grape must in the autumn and the magnificent aroma of the Balsamic Vinegar ageing during the summer months.



San Giacomo