• Australian Owned
  • Hand Selected, Hand Smoked

  • Premium Australian Grass Fed Beef

  • Synthetic Nitrite Free

  • All Natural

  • Gluten Free & Sugar Free

  • Naturally Better Smallgoods

  • 100% Renewable Electricity at the Smokehouse

Murray River Smokehouse evolved from the business established by the Butt Family in the 1950’s in Albury.

First famous for it’s unique wood smoked Rainbow trout the Butt Family created a reputation for producing some of Australia’s finest smoked goods with a customer base that included visiting Royals and Parliament House in Canberra.

In 2016 we ( Anthony Ainsworth and Marie Bucher ) were presented with the opportunity to become the new custodians of the smokehouse.

Being careful to respect the legacy created by the previous owners we are intent on continuing the success of the business by further building trust with our customers based on transparency in what we do, high quality real food and respectful relationships with the farmers who supply our raw materials. This is reflected in an ethos that less is more and that great raw materials should not need any additives to make them sing. Accordingly Murray River Smokehouse products contain no fillers, colours or artificial flavours. With the help of our wonderful skilled staff all Murray River Smokehouse products are naturally wood smoked and cured using fermented celery rather than artificial nitrites and the few simple ingredients used to make Murray River Smokehouse products are all listed on the front of the packs right under the product name. We are proud of what we put in our products and see no need to hide the ingredients in small print on the back.

We hope you enjoy our smoked goods as much as we enjoyed making them and are always keen to welcome visitors to our smokehouse in Albury NSW.

Our Products

Free Range Australian Pork & Turkey

Free Range Bacon Loin Rasher


Free Range Bacon - Streaky


Free Range Ham Double Smoked


Free Range Ham Triple Smoked


Free Range Turkey 150g


Australian Beef & Wild Caught Venison

Free Range Venison


Free Range Beef - Cured & Hot Smoked


Free Range Pastrami - Cured & Hot Smoked


Smoked Fish

Rainbow Trout Fillets


Whole Rainbow Trout


Salmon - Hot Smoked


Weatherstone Australian Pork (not free range)

Weatherstone Bacon Loin Rasher


Weatherstone Ham Smoked


Free Range Whole Leg Ham of Beef

Double Smoked Ham

per kg

Hot Smoked Beef

per kg

Triple Smoked Ham

per kg