• Made in Somerset, the birthplace of Cheddar
  • The location means that climate and surrounds result in rich and creamy milk.
  • Wyke Farms have their own dairy farm, the milk from which is used in its cheese.
  • Privately owned and operated company.
  • 150 years old.







Farming and making great Cheddar is a way of life for us

Our family has been following farming traditions in the heart of Somerset for generations. With its mild climate and lush, green pastures for grazing, it’s the best place to make Cheddar.

A Heritage as Rich As our Cheddar

We’ve been family farming in the heart of the Somerset for over 150 years. And making award-winning cheddar to our Grandmother Ivy’s secret recipe for generations.

A few things have changed since Ivy made her first blocks of cheddar. But our family is still as passionate about providing your family with delicious, traditional Farmhouse Cheddar.







Our Products


Extra Mature and Delicious Cheddar

The bestseller in the Wyke Farms range, this tangy, full-flavoured, well-rounded Cheddar takes as long as 12 months to reach its peak. Highly versatile, you can simply enjoy it sandwiched between two slices of freshly baked bread or gently folded into a light, fluffy soufflé.
Winner of Best Cheddar in the World at World Cheese Awards in 2012 & 2013.


Red Leicester

With an appearance unlike most cheeses, Red Leicester is made from our award winning Cheddar with a bold orange colour which comes annatto, a natural plant dye obtained from a South American plant.
The flavour is complex, slightly sweet and nutty with notes of caramel. This toasty cheese tastes great on warm grainy toast.


Ivy’s Vintage

Made with Grandmother Ivy’s secret recipe, this special edition Cheddar is left to mature for over 15 months and selected by our Master Cheese Grader to ensure only the very best flavours are selected.
Over the years this recipe has won more awards than any other Cheddar and is currently loved in over 150 countries.