Tamar Valley Truffle’s


  • Australian Owned
  • Tamar Valley Truffles is exquisitely located on Lake Trevallyn in the Tamar Valley
  • Tasmania is known for its clean, green image and provides the perfect climate for producing quality products.
  • All our efforts are in producing quality truffles. We are a small privately owned company
  • Beautifully presented





International and local chefs now recognise Tamar Valley Truffles as one of Australia’s leading producers of the Black Perigord Winter Truffle. It is Tasmania’s largest family owned and privately operated trufferie. It is located on the beautiful Lake Trevallyn in the Tamar Valley, 15 minutes from Launceston’s central business district. Encompassing about eight hectares, a total of around 3000 oak trees were planted in 2000 and 2001. The first truffles were harvested in both 2004 and 2005. In 2014, a range of Truffle products were released to compliment the fresh truffles already widely distributed, including a delicious selection of truffle enhanced butter, oil, risotto, shortbread, cheese, mustard and honey.

The range is beautifully packaged with a distinctive gold embossed oak tree on the label.






Our Products

Tamar Valley Truffle Salt

Tamar Valley Truffle Oil

Tamar Valley Truffle Mustard

Tamar Valley Truffle Creamed Honey

Tamar Valley Truffle Honey

Tamar Valley Truffle Butter

Tamar Valley Truffle Shortbread

Tamar Valley Truffle Brie

Tamar Valley Truffle Chedder

Tamar Valley Truffle Risotto